Absolutely fantastic.

I love you

The Engineer’s pose is kinda awkward not too bad, but if the gun were on the other side, (possibly still able to see a part of it) it’d be much better.

Engie’s at a severe disadvantage.

This is pretty great, though the lack of detailed scenery (you’re telling me that whole desert only has two cacti and a few shrubs?) is kinda bugging me.

Yeah I’m not seeing any shadows on the ground either ( I just could be a fucking dim wat). Anyways, good as always posing is good and so is faceposing. Okay I see 'em now… They were really feint thought it was just part of the terrain.

you might’ve posed the engineer on the other side. he has no chance of winning if he needs to draw his gun this far. otherwise its good.

I love the Heavy and Demo.