Dues Ex: Human Revolution Belltower Mercs

So after many delays and setbacks, it is finally here!
[h2]Des Ex: Human Revolution, Belltower Mercs[/h2]



-Enhanced Citizen Heads
-Several bodygroups for helmet, legs, and torso peices
-5 Fingered finger posing


Workshop Link
Dropbox Link
Also post your poses and If I like em I’ll add them to the workshop page

Credits for images to Mr. 95 and Squiddy respectivly

P.s. I know the physics are a tad stiff at the moment, but as soon as I am able to, I’ll upload the fixed ones to Workshop (Can’t upload right now for some reason) dropbox is fine

hot damn

Another screenshot for ye’


that dude on the right either has no shoulderblades or is a very small, humanoid giraffe

the faces are missing textures on the dropbox link

fingers also can’t make a proper fist

That was my fault for being lazy, models are fine.

I have the biggest erection right now.


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*dues *ex


Kiss me Korro.


The phong is really bad on everything that is not plate metal. That’s why I offered to fix it up back when you posted it in the WIP thread, because the models are cool looking.


Awesome release!

That’s really cool, but when Adam will be released?

I think someone should port female models too

Obligatory playermodel request.

Pls ;_;

jesus christ, seriously?

They’re on the valvebiped, do it yourself you lazy person.