Dues ex models

its an old game, an absolute clasic, i would prefer remodels but ports are ok

here is the more important stuff

http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/569/206990-800px_bruteforce_super.jpg (nsf)

(do the rds ones (grenades), and the buckshot and 7.62

Dues Ex? Nope, sorry. Cant port from bootlegged editions of Deus Ex.

…Oh wait you mean Deus Ex…

I don’t think it’s possible. Though I did manage to port the mj12 model into some weird format…

remade models?

Yeah a blocky from scratch model would even do seeing how low poly they are.
God this brings up such nostalgia for me.
Would it be possible to create the Dragon’s Tooth sword from the same game though as a prop?
That could be quite useful.