Duke Nukem Forever

Because tomorow DNF’s demo will be released, i think that’s high time to beg for babes and Duke’s (character & guns) models. After full-game release we’ll be waiting for the rest.

the demo is released tomorrow only for the First Access Club members. Comes out next week’s friday for the rest.

Although, since I’m part of the club, I’m gonna see if they work.

I’ll try to get the Duke right away.

Since it’s on UE3, it’ll probably be pretty easy.

It’s apparently on some twisted/upgraded form of UE1. Who knows if they changed the file architecture.

Actually UE 2.5, If I’m not mistaken.

most important is fact, that we’ll get it

Here’s what’s going to happen. Shortly after release, someone’s going to post some nice screenshots of the models in-editor. Maybe even one or two in GMod, but as “beta”. They say it should be ready within a few weeks. Everyone’s excited.

Then they say they need some extra time to fix up a few last things, maybe add some more face flexes or something. Still OK for release eventually.

Nothing is heard from them again for several years, although when pestered they insist “it’ll be done when it’s done!”. L4D3 and Portal 3 are released in the meantime, and GMod is upgraded to yet another new Source engine, which the pirates refer to as GMod 14.

A few years later, they post some basic in-editor shots showing massively revised models. Heavy modification has been done to everything. It looks incredible, everyone’s pumped again, but some people are wondering if this is really forward progress or not.

Once again, they go silent. For another few years. In the meantime, Team Fortress 3 is announced, goes through Valve Time, is released, and has a few hundred patches that totally ruin the game. Duke Nukem 5 is announced, scheduled for a next-year release. People begin to wonder if the Duke Nukem Forever models have been hit by the same curse that hit Duke Nukem Forever.

Then, out of the blue, somebody comes online on his account saying “sorry, this is ____'s friend. He’s quitting modeling. The stuff’s not finished, but I can post a couple vague screenshots and renders he made before ragequitting”. Everyone is disappointed, but many people are proudly saying “told you so”. Duke Nukem 5 is pushed back by six months, although most people agree that this is technically unrelated.

A few weeks later, someone else picks up the models, finishes them over a weekend or two, and uploads them. While everyone agrees that they’re good, they also agree that it was not worth the 12-year wait.

The next day, Episode 3 comes out.

Well, let’s hope you don’t do that Gman003.

lets just hope its not another bullshit call of duty like most fps

I have a flight to catch on Saturday morning, but I’ll do my best to finish the model by Friday night.

Downloading the demo now.


Well, the files are in .dat format so I have no idea how to open them, or if it’s even possible without correct tools.

Yeah, noticed that too

I found some program that let me see the contents but I couldn’t get them or anything, just showed me the names


Google didn’t help much, I tried searching about DAT files

I know riggers would most prefer him with a skeleton to make it easier to rig

Download the 3D Max file and textures if anyone wants to rig

Edit 2
I have plans on getting props too, so far I know I’m getting the weapons and the piece of shit

I guess the white board, maybe the monster truck, and whatever else I find

first - duke & guns
second - aliens & babes
third - props

need the golden 1911 <3
only need the model and textures nothing else

or the way how to get them out of the game

Duke used to have golden Desert Eagle

I Know but im Lookinmg for the Golden 1911 hes using in “Duke Nukem Forever”