Duke nukem Ragdoll

Anyone can make Duke nukem ragdoll?


it would be fuckin great and all i can reward it is an warm hand.

… can anyone share the image tag or something,thanks.

I don’t know if this helps, but there’s a Duke Nukem model in the DN3D HRP Pack on gmod.org.
It’s not ragdolled, but somebody could decompile it and rig it onto a skeleton. I would try it but I don’t know how to.

Yeah,i checked it out.Wow,Nice pack but the duke is not ragdolled.Thanks anyway.

I know it’s not ragdolled; I posted it so someone could take a shot at rigging it to make it into a ragdoll.

I can try, Im kind of a noob at it though

A nublet ragdoll is better than none…usually. Just make sure he’s actually ragdolled and not “spazdolled” and you’ll do fine :slight_smile:

Thanks,your help is mutch apperentice.

bumb yet any progress ChaosLord?

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Original poster was permabanned two years ago. I really doubt this will be of any help to him.
Please make sure to check up on the post dates above people’s names before replying, that way we don’t end up with ancient threads resurfacing as the undead. :smiley: