Duke Nukem Space Skybox

Not the exactly the same on as in Duke Nukem but i would like it if someone knew where to find a texture like or if someone would kindly make one.

Basically the earth huge and to one side with some stars, doesn’t have to be exactly like it.
Please don’t tell me to go make it, because i have no photoshop skills, and i would like it to look decent.
I’m gonna use it for a L4D survival map that is based off a space station.

V Picture V

The mod Eternal Silence has a similar skybox.

Can i use one of them f i give them credit?


I extracted the materials from GCF Scape and they don’t look like skybox textures. they look like textures that you would put inside a skybox then fit to size. Could you check them out to make sure that you have to put them around a box then fit to size?

Nevermind, that was a nooby question i got it