Duke Nukem

Is there any one that has seen a duke nukem player model or ragdol or could someone possibly make one from scratch using the Duke Nukem Forever trailer (as a refrance). And yes id do it but i cant model for crap.

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the requests" - PLing))

Think you want the requests section, however i think there is a Duke Nukem model pack somewhere… ah here they are :smiley:


(tabed window parallel search ftw :P)

The problem is, those aren’t ragdolls - those are still models that are pretty much only good for maybe comics or pictures if the picture-taker is being lazy.

I myself agree that an actual Duke Nukem model/ragdoll/player would be awesome and all (if done right), but it seems no one has an interest in that.

Also, I think this belongs in the Request subforum.

Plus I think we can do a little better than a model pack from eDuke32.