Duke Nukem?

Could someone make a Duke Nukem Ragdoll?


Im afraid that model isn’t going to get released and any other duke nukem is just too old.

I guess that’s why he said “make” and not “port”.

I don’t think there are any HC Duke Nukem fans who model around in this community though.

No, it might, because gearbox might be finishing DNF

Ha, yea right. It’s completely vaporware now.

So? I assume that under Gearbox that vaporware will condense into a playable game.

Condensing a vapor… that would make it what, liquidware? Sounds like something from Metal Gear.

Oh, my bad…

There’s a duke nukem model, http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=27779
Too bad it’s a prop.