Dumb and annoing question about queue!

Hello, this is very bad addition to the facepunch fourm as my first post.

But i would like to clarify some things about the queue rules.

Developer Preview: Rule 4.

Workshop content created after Jul 20 2021 isn’t counted

Although it was kind of discouraging only recently having the ability
of actually programming now. Unable to show my game-making skills off as
maybe a way of creating content for s&box.


I did post a couple of dupes that literally have one subscribe each, although i had privated them.

I’ve heard that 50% of the queue has a workshop score of 1. so im not quite sure if i’d be able to beat my chances getting in if i were to be able to get people to download my old dupes. Regardless it would make sense if interactions with a workshop item would’nt make any difference after that given time. I am just curious if that would actually work.

TLDR ; can interactions after JUL 20 2021 count twords workshop score?

Welp, thanks for reading. And i’m sorry for a potetional waste of time.

** which im pretty sure this is going to get locked pretty quickly through. **

and my body is too simular to what i recently posted after placing it in the wrong topic.

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No they don’t, when you get assigned a score, that’s the score you’ve been assigned, even if an addon you previously uploaded explodes in popularity, for example if you asked people to subscribe just to get a higher score.

Not that it matters since dupes don’t count towards workshop score, as they’re not “addons”.


Only Garry’s Mod Addons or Maps contribute to the score, same with Half Life Alyx addons.
If you think you made something worthy you can always show what you made to the moderators on the Discord and ask for a key, many Unity/Unreal developers got it this way.


I didnt know that!

I’ve only recently started working in the source engine, and i dont really like game engines. other than like roblox which client-server model is really fun to make games in, which is why s&box was so interesting to me.

Regardless thanks that gives me some hope LMAO.

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Lmao you’re really not going to like the source engine.

Not sure how Roblox is, I assume the bar for that game is so low that literal children can shit out “experiences”, but you’ll probably find the Source 2 tools very good.


wait what, I didn’t know this lol, cool

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That’s not how it works anymore. S&box has enough devs so they are relying ONLY on the queue system now. You can’t get a key by asking for one.

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1 good and active developer is worth 100s that got in with the queue.
They always have and always will give keys to people of interest.

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They already have tons of good and active developers, AFAIK. Even Garry has said publicly that the only way to get a key now is through queue.

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Name one.

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ur mom

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Where do you think all the current gamemodes came from?

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Garry made them to serve as example gamemodes, and for that I am extremely grateful :pray: I really like his cat harvest gamemode.


you forgot people do also make stuff… uh… like the sandbox clones? although there isnt as many being released as of late, waiting for more people to fork the sandbox repo and upload their own versions!

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