Dumb Issue, Cannot start game

So every time I go to play Rust it always say “Failed to start game (app already running)” despite the fact the nothing pops up besides that window when i click play. Im sure there is an easy solution and i was hoping somebody could help me out.

Reboot your computer?

I have several times :confused:

Oh snap… uhhh… Are you trying to use the experimental branch? Maybe EAC is auto starting itself on boot and somehow Steam is getting confused? I have no idea.

Could Rust have someone gotten added to your start-up routine?
Could you be logged into steam and running Rust on another computer?
I can’t think of any other causes for something like this.

Try a Ctrl/Alt/Delete and check the task manager (assuming you’re running Windows) for Rust.exe and end the process if it is running. Then try starting Rust again. What happens?

If you’re on a Mac, hit Command + Option + Esc to bring up the Force Quit App box and look for Rust. If you don’t see Rust in the Force Quit box, go to your Activity Monitor and check there.

I sometimes run into this with Rust and I end up having to try and close processes for it and steam. I’m an old man who’s played tons of games, but bought Rust as my only Steam purchase, so can’t provide more error feedback.

I’m guessing everything is still buggy in regards to Rust’s steam client.

So easy solution?: close down Rust and Steam processes and try again. (I’d imagine sometimes the computer’s memory can lag a bit when clearing from memory so it sometimes needs additional seconds for that)

Weird, this only occurs with the experimental branch