Dumb question, but...?

Okay, I have a question about the bones used for Valve games, as you see I recently rigged a model off a game and managed to get their original bones included within them. Now my question, since I suck at weighting the mesh together in 3dsmax, is there any possible of “recycling” these bones and rename them to be suit for valves? Or do I need to start all over again with this model?

Thanks~ :slight_smile:

I don’t know about Max but here’s a tutorial for Blender.

Renaming them is possible depending on the circumstances but the results aren’t going to be ideal. Animations give the locations and rotations of bones, but skeletons rarely have the same bone orientations or lengths. In other words the bones that make your model may be forcefully pulled around and even reoriented resulting in limbs or random parts of the body facing awkward directions. You could fix all of this manually if you really want to but the result is going to be pretty hacky and if the hierarchy is different (ie more or less bones on the spine, etc) then you’ll have some much larger issues.

Give it a shot anyway if you have to but ‘sucking’ at weighting doesn’t mean you can’t learn and the results don’t have to be professional for the model to at least work.

Thanks, I figure it would end disaster if I were to attempt it. So, I guess I could try learning more on weighting >.> Do you know any good helpful tutorials that focuses simply on the weighting because everything else in the modeling process isn’t a problem for me. It’s just the bones that I can’t get right.

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I looked over you tutorial and I might give it a quick shot xD I’m going to cross my fingers and hope it works out for me c:

The tutorial I linked is a solution to that exact problem.

Seriously, if the rigging is already there, why redo it? Why waste hours rerigging when you can just copy/paste the Valve skeleton, tweak it, edit the mesh a tiny bit if necessary, and boom, you’re done.

True, however I have KH model and I attempted something similar in 3dsmax and it mutated the model D: Does blender work better when you copy/paste the skeleton?

I’ve barely had any experience with Max but I believe so. Just make sure you pick the correct one in the Armature modifier.

Okay, if I have any questions regarding blender, I will PM you :slight_smile: I’m currently playing around with it right now xD

Alright, good luck. I’m not an expert in Blender, but I do know the basic functions. I’ll be happy to assist if possible.

It really just depends on the result, what you’re capable of, and what your goal is. My goal quickly stopped being simply getting the model usable in the game and eventually became a fun learning experience. Between that and having OCD, I wasn’t fond of all the issues that occured (even though I recycled the GMod skeleton in to Left 4 Dead, hooray for hypocrisy). Not being able to rig isn’t solved by ignoring it forever, it’s solved by learning how to rig. Sometimes models look better when they’re rigged specifically for a skeleton than when they were just reoriented for it for the sake of getting it in the engine. Nevertheless I suppose it’s just personal preference in the end either way.