[Dumb question, first post] Tf2 3dsmax 2014 tutorial?

So I have 3dsmax 2014 and gimp, as well as all that vtfedit and connonfodder stuff, how do i make a model and put it into tf2, I can’t seem to find a proper tutorial for 3dsmax 2014

Worry about learning the interface and how to model before you start porting anything…

John has some tutorials that he’s making, try and do them

I already know about the interface, I already have a model I want to port

Oh. You made it sound like you didn’t know how to make a model

Nvm then

It’s not that I don’t know how to model, I just don’t know about importing it into tf2

Hey, do u Want it to Replace a Character In TF2? or Same but with Complete Different Skeleton?

Its Complicated to export and work in TF2.

You pretty much import the model with wallworm or some thing, delete the model and leave the skeleton then align the model you want with the skeleton and re-import it. I am pretty sure that is how it is done, correct me if I am wrong. Oh yea, you might also want/need to use an external QC compiler.