Dumb Question Time, SWEP.SendWeaponAnim

Alright so yeh, This is the only time ive ever tried to make a swep.
For the most part it works. then i join multiplayer and its a whole new ballgame.

Current Question:
Do we have a clientside workaround for SendWeaponAnim, because sometimes it works others it doesn’t
And its really cool to see a weapon do nothing when it fires
Useing [lua]self.Weapon:SendWeaponAnim(ACT_VM_HITCENTER)[/lua]

Also, altho i got around it, i found a strange bug
I was trying to make the players hands rest at its side, doing everything i could think of todo this all failing
then, i remove my cl_init.lua That Had Nothing In It and now it works… kinda odd

Haha, interesting! I had a weapon script I did once with the same issue almost. Turns out I had forgotten to push the shared file to the client. (I build all sents/weapons in one file.) It seemed to have fixed it for me.

No, not odd. Shared runs the code twice, on the client and the server, having cl_init runs the shared only on the server since it thinks all the clientside code is where its supposed to be, in cl_init.

This is true! That is also one of he reasons I build everything inside one file.

hmm, well that explanes the cl_init thing cooly.
still need a work around for the SendWeaponAnim lol, i dont want to use a ClientsideModel and stuff~


O man… im dumb, SendWeaponAnim is shared… PROBLEM FIXED
although you guys suck for not pointing it out >.> <.<

Edit 2

Nevermind i forgot i was testing it in SinglePlayer, AnimRestartGesture is shared. But Does Nothing ClientSide~


I think the base animation code is interfering, not sure though.

“Any way to trigger a weapon animation without this function”
is basicly my question