Dumb question: What is this?

I know it’s ice but why is it shaped so awkwardly? For some reason I feel it has some sort of importance to the game but I don’t know exactly what. Water node perhaps when farming comes out? Or is it just for show?


Its not ice, Its a magical living crystal that grows from snow and sunlight. At some point it develops conscience. It is the main compound of ice titans.

For a few weeks, back in the good old days, these crystals formed in the snow biomes in clusters of 4-5 crystals. Hitting them with a hatchet or pick axe yielded a decent amount of Sulfur ore and metal ore and some stone as well.

This all happened around the same same time they made hapis island, so that’s why you still see them on hapis island to this day as they decided to decorate the road in the snow on hapis island with them.

it’s a future resource, but not currently implemented beyond spawning in world.

Sure about that? I don’t remember anything like this. They use to give Sulfur and metal ore ages ago, like 7-8 months ago.

heading out, but i’ll try and find the devblog when i get back lol


found it, devblog 54 :slight_smile:

nothing i’ve seen since then mind you, but i figure since they are physically in game, there may be some use for them eventually.

They make a cool light source in your building as well.

(Not sure if you can still build on them, been a while since I played Happis)

ahhhh, I wonder what that resource might be.

I’m pretty sure they’re only on hapis island now though, they took them out of procgen, so they might have given up on that idea. Very interesting though, maybe that’s how they’ll implement glass, who knows.

Like I said before, I imagine it will be for water when farming is released. Since everything is all frozen. FP is adding buckets REAL soon. And they look awesome.

Ice isn’t glowing at night, it’s clearly not ice altough it is in the snowbiome.

Maybe bioluminescent organisms you can use to make glowsticks? You know, for raves n shit.

War of the Worlds In Rust!

yo must be close to supermans cave

Or it’s blue sky :dogcited: