Dumb reasons you were banned from servers

After I saw the TF2 version of this type of thread with some pretty funny posts, I decided I’d make the Garry’s Mod verson. Title says it all.

My story:

I was playing on some DarkRP server. There was an admin that was abusing his powers by noclipping around and shotgunning everybody. I was swinging a knife around(on the server it was an instakill) and then the admin happens to noclip right through the room I was in. He was positioned right next to me for like a split second. But, I just happened to be swinging my knife at that moment. I instakilled the noclipping admin, who then permabanned me with the reason “HACKER! IM GOINGA TELL ON U AND GET MY PARNTS TO JAIL U FR LYFE!!!”(actual ban reason). I haven’t been unbanned since.


I was permabanned from a server for buying the doors to what I considered my home in DarkRP, only for the admin to rage at me that it was his home and no one was allowed to touch it.
I complained to a higher up in their server who then kicked out the 12-year-old admin from their server group for admin abuse, and allowed me back in that server.
The former-admin messaged me with threats that he’ll get his revenge on me, whereas I was laughing hysterically that he’s threatening me over his mistake and that he couldn’t touch me.

It gets better that he would attempt to grief any Garry’s Mod servers I was on, only to be either kicked/banned immediately, or for him to realize that I was usually un-killable due to my repetitive Gun Dealer job where I hired multiple bodyguards and enough people on the server liked my business so much that they spawn camped him until he quit.

It’s one of my finer moments.

Noone’s posted there for weeks, never even knew about it beforehand

I called a furryfaggot’s pac outfit dumb

I made everyone on the server RDM each others and nuke the whole server with rpgs becuse I changed name to match other peoples names. It took the admin 1 hour to realise who was causing the problems, I am now deaf after the admin used his squeaky voice to scream at me.

I asked my friend that still was on the server 30 min after I was banned, the RDMing was still going on. Poor, poor admin.

Got banned on Fearless for arresting a propsurfer. Reason? “Admin backseat”. You fucking serious

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Those rules are kind of ridiculous. Let’s say a guy is killing everyone coming out of spawn so you pick up your gun and kill him, and when he re-spawns detain him in a cell so he can’t do anything until a admin arrives. To the players your a hero who allowed them to play again, to the admins your just as worse as him. How does that even make sense?

If you ever have been an admin on a real serious rp server you will realise that 90% of the reports that you get are false. Aka the players reports other players becuse they THINK they are breaking the rules when they infact aren’t.

No seriously I DID get banned for it. Here it is:

Some shithead actually took time to post a ban request on their forums with evidence of me arresting a prop surfer.

I said I was going to ban someone and I wasn’t an admin

I got banned for spawning a prop in and a admin thought i was going to PK someone so he banned me perm

I gave an admin a gay rating.

I spawned that prop that people often use because it is one way viewable, anyway fell over onto an admin taking about 5hp with him. I was banned before I could say anything.

I got banned because I had a VAC ban.

An admin of a DarkRP server checked my profile, tp’d me to him and said “You hacking on my server huh?” and straight up banned me for “VAC Banned, probably a cheater”

“probably a cheater” - following by that logic any player is probably a cheater

the kid was 14, so chances are I wasn’t the first person banned this way.

And I’m certainly not the last.

A superadmin on a DarkRP server was trying to figure out the default gravity setting because it was changed by accident. I told him that it was 600 in OOC and he said “LET A HIGHER UP DEAL WITH IT!!!” So I responded, “I’m just trying to help you, sorry.”, and he banned me with the reason “Underestimating administration abilities.” :dead:

Some people take administrating way too seriously.

Well he had a vac ban which you can only get for cheating on a game so in a way he is still classified as a cheater but he could just not be cheating at that current time

Should have been banned for “Overestimating Administration Abilities”

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