Dummy Gamemode based of the base gamemode

How would i create a dummy gamemode to set the gamemode list as SpaceBuild 3. I have searched google, youtube and even the spacebuild website. Also did some search here with no luck. Would anyone care to please point out something to help me wiht htis?

I don’t know what you mean.

You mean create a new gamemode derived from Base that is called Spacebuild 3?

Also this is the wrong section, this belongs in Lua > Questions

In your gamemodes folder make a folder called space build or whatever you want the game mode to be called

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Download skeleton off of gmod.org, it’s made by Garry. Put all of the files in your space build folder and in shared.lua add the line DeriveGamemode(“base”) or something similar, I’m no good with lua but that’s an easy way to do it. Somebody correct me on the line you have to put in though, I’m almost sure that’s wrong.

Well i just want it to be show as SpaceBuild 3. Just be like a sandbox, as spacebuild is said to go on when it detects a map for it

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