Dumps not working on fp ?


Not working for me and I need to find out why the server randomly crashes 1-2 a day.

Any advice?

Look for broken maps if it has multiple maps.

just runs gm_flatgrass all day, Sometimes it will crash when a player joins, sometimes it will crash just to crash. The other servers on the box, are okay.

Do you have any binary modules installed?

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Nope I have no Bmods installed… Also – If the server is not creating dump files whats the command line to turn that on.
I have been away from this stuff for a while, With my come back I have been trying to rush rush learn everything and
missing important steps >.<


No one knows?

I couldn’t find mine either, weird.

This is troublesome.

Dumps save at the srcds root now.

At least mine do.

Mind posting your command line?

If dumps were being saved at root for me, I would have something similar to the logs folder in my root by now.

I have no dumps in root unfortunately.