Dunces and Douchebags - A Fighter, a Wizard, and a Ranger charge into battle.



comment and stuff yo


also apparently i am a gold member

Go easy on the bloom/contrast.


It kinda looks like shef…

oh god not shef

it’s not shef though

i’ll change it bah humbug




Whats shef anyway?

Some cheap way of editing people did back before I joined.

Picture looks fine to me…
Only problem to me are the emitters. With are sorta lazy.

Excellent posing.

good times, good times

not really. don’t give yourself too much credit there tiger.

plus shef can look good in a rare few cases.

Should’ve gave engi hunstman but it’s actually pretty good. I like the way scout is holding the chargin targe and eyelander.

Heh, I SHEF some of my images and nobody ever notices… mind you I combine SHEF with other techniques.