Dungeons and Dragon Table Game Idea

So I was walking with my little brother around and I had a small idea that I was wondering how possible it is and perhaps someone might want to take up as a little hobby. Mostly I just would love to see it ingame.

What if we had a Dungeonmaster game where one team (where the main person is the dungeonmaster) is able to place barricades, traps, mobs and other tricky things just like a regular dungeonmaster while the other team (each person picks a role, such as Warrior, Mage etc) have to battle their way to the end of the map for a certain goal. Perhaps even map series that are all part of one adventure? Regardless the players all play from a top down view as they control their character.

Top Down View

The above image is from Gmod Tower Zombie Massacre. They have it all played topdown as you move around as you normally would.

Also, for those who would join in late would join the Dungeon Master’s team where they can pick one of the mobs (albiet a more powerful version, like Veteran or Champion) and go against the Heroes. They would be only a more souped up version of the mobs though, not strong enough to go toe to toe to the heroes. This would help keep people joining and feel a part of the action and even on the bad guys side.

The Dungeon Master should be able to put more mobs/items/traps down the more heroes there are, so in order to prevent a mass of them. Also giving the option for them to become part of the Dungeon Master team at the start would be good as well.

Just a small idea, and I understand there is a game already out there that utilizes this (Dungeonland) but just thinking of the possible custom content able to put in since it is Garry’s Mod. Everything else is up in the air and I apologize for being vague about the details but I know I’m not going to be able to do this myself and just thought to maybe give some people ideas so I just felt like putting this out there.

sorta like zombie master?

Pretty much like Zombie Master. Damn, hadn’t even related it to that.

I’d imagine it being kinda like Zombie Master but with a fantasy RPG twist to it. Could be pretty interesting, actually.

I’ve always wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons, but I’ve never been able to get my hands on the necessary resources. I’d love to see this happen.

This wouldn’t be anything like Dungeons and Dragons FYI.

Probably still could be loads of fun, not going to happen though.

This would be more compareable with Dungeon Keeper + Multiplayer where people need to raid the Dungeon.

Someone make this. Now.

Wish I could but sadly I can’t, not a coder at all. I wish whoever does want to try it good luck.