Dupe dump thread

Some of you may know about the trouble Valve has caused me with Source recently. Funny how waiting a month for the shits to not fix it, then finally someone finds a fix on the Steam forums makes you see what a pile of shit Gmod has become and what a bitch Source is in general.

That aside, here’s the loot. There’s no support for these other than what you read here, so don’t go bugging me on Steam when you can’t get certain things to work.

Here’s a 120mm AT gun. This is more of a toy since you have to manually load a shell with the gravity gun. Be sure to stand clear when firing, the recoil is deadly.

My Humveep. Just get in and go, very simple.

An old rear wheel steering car I made while bored one day. Doesn’t handle very well but someone will probably like it.

Here’s Arthur, the little Arthropod that will eat your soul.
Keypad shit, manually unfreeze it with the physgun so you restore the physical properties. Only works underwater.

And a Great White Shark.

A 50 kg aircraft bomb. You weld it to your plane or very tall tank/football mech, press one of the keypad buttons and it drops and explodes a C4 and a 150mm, making a big smokey death mess.

My Fatlady. Space ship that is. Fuel it up and go. Handles like a greyhound bus. You may want to weld in a suit dispenser and apply gravity plating, it makes for a nice space walk vehicle. Sprint engages the thrust, don’t mind the backfiring engines.

Hell, just for shits and giggles, here’s Fat Mama too.

A hovercar, weld in a seat (Pre-seat anim fix) and go. Play around with the keypad until you see it rise up off the ground.

A Panzerfaust. Kind of old, tends to misfire when you spawn it so stand clear.

My Ultralight. Needs a Joystick or Gamepad and Joystick Module to fly.

A pretty fail chopper, again, joystick controlled, but it has a mouseaim chingun.

My little motorbike and sidecar. Get in and go.
Download (Sidecar)

I decided to post the Roman dupes. This is all the Roman stuff I’ve made in Gmod to date.


So do the spaceshits have an interior?


<3 Arthur


Yes, they both do. You walk into the big one through the square PHX tunnel inside the boat prop.

Nice raptor, some really good stuff there. especially the older vehicles, like the jeep and the bike.
Good jawb.

hurrr i made the suspension for the buggy

was that intentional?

Not this one, this is the rebuild when I widened it so it wouldn’t flip in a hard turn.






Enough shit posting, Nice stuff you got there Raptor :wink:

uuuuh, how do I download the panzerfaust? I wanted to see what it looked/shot like, but the link takes me to a page with a bunch of text on it, like an adv. dup file. what do I do with the text?

EDIT: what? I havent encountered download systems like that before. usually it’s a regular .zip file or something to put in addons. apparently, people on this forum don’t know how to answer an actual question.

I like the way the photos were touched up for the spaceships


Oh wow…

Do you have any idea how mentally retarded you are?