Dupe Glitch, need a wipe

there is a dupe glitch :S --> http://prntscr.com/1ss3sk <–

Maybe they work in a team?

No, I kill a guy and I get that : http://prntscr.com/1sowy3

That’s chump change.

The devs will need to know how to do the dupe and they need to patch it and then wipe.

All made from metal.

The dupe is there. Confirmed

Even if they do wipe which is unlikely I hope they don’t take away the blueprints, so fucking tedious to research everything over again.

Confirmed by me, I had a group of people planting countless and endless amount of C4 on my entire house blowing it all up in one go earlier today.


It’s a waste of time wiping if there’s a glitch that we haven’t fixed - because it will be exploited again and we’ll be in the same position.

Ok thx !

I’m thinking the server crashes are causing people to dupe. My friend would be in his chest and we would all say well servers crashing again. And then he will grab stuff out and then log. Then when he comes back its still in chest and still in inv

Had the same when Server was crashing. But I only “won” 20 Wood then, haha. But that needs to be fixed

y dupeing begins now on eu we raided Thelol and 3 hours later he raided me and wasted arround 60 c4 and dont forget you cant craft :wink:

What about punishing the people who are exploiting this dupe? If they haven’t reported it, they’re obviously not very good testers.

You can craft in this game

You cant craft on EU, since you cant make Metal’s because Campfires bugged. Garry you can confirm there is atm a Dupe Bug?

you dont cool metal on campfires anymore you have to have a furnace. But that def lookes duped cause no one would have that big of a metal house yet

Thats the problem, we dont have any furnice on EU. Just the campfire is new and bugged.