Dupe or Give ! ?

Today with my friends we walk to find house raid and we came across this house:


After the server has crashed and I took the opportunity to go into the water and saw the foundations under water!


Duper name : tedrock

Good game : Look the log please !

Pat made this :stuck_out_tongue:

how did you survive in the water?!

Ok thx for 250 all metal item

Did you make the little wood totem I saw today?

I actually made the foundations in the water, you can place them in the water there while standing on the shore. I made the normal house and then Pat got bored and built a giant tower on it.

If you look just beside the players gun you’ll see the car Pat got stuck in there.

And I assume it was you and your buddy that robbed the house just before the crash, the ones PMing me begging me to tell you how I duped, the ones using an exploit to throw loot through closed doors? I can’t wait to see your bug report detailing this exploit so it can get fixed.

Quit lying you had 250 foundation and any other metal items plus 16 stack of metal ores

As I told you in PM, it was Pat’s stuff. Are you denying you guys were throwing loot out a closed door to a player outside and begging me to tell you how to dupe in PM?

For post on bug report

this frenchman is amusing

There’s clearly a language barrier here, I’ll go make the bug report for you.