Dupe revealed!!!

Hello i was palying rust and i found a way to dupe!

How to dupe:

  1. Drop rock from your inventory (if you have).
  2. Open main menu.
  3. Open console.
  4. Write censor.nudity true.
  5. Press enter.
  6. Close console.
  7. Press disconnect.
  8. Connect to server you just disconnected.
  9. Check your inventory.
  10. Find rock been duped in your inventory, another one you dropped just pick up.
  11. Enjoy more rocks!

I hope this was useful, good luck abusing game!

You are given a new rock each time you reconnect. This is not a dupe.

Pantz Master speaks the truth

Some people (which i call N.E.R.Ds) doesn’t get it

Oh my god… this is devastating… what’s the point of playing now… :suicide:

With this ,Dupe, they would make many Soldiers,armed with Rocks to take over the world domination