Dupe ?

disconect/reconect more that 20 time can reduce the lag ?

ask that to Esco at 21:40 gmt+1


Ye, he does that for some reason. =o

Keep in mind that it might be a fake - Recently theres been 2-3 Fake esco’s on US alone.

It’s 6AM in Australia… I seriously doubt that Esco is online.

Apparently some group of people are buttmad at Esco, they spent quite some time on the server just pretending to be him even though it was obvious they weren’t him.

Who cares if he was duping?

ow, ok my bad, i have probably make a wrong repport, i forget the super “rename feature”, my bad
( one more time this feature proof she make a fucking chaos, for nothing )

Bahaha he made the duping video on youtube. Of course he’s duping, but who cares garry’s gonna wipe once it’s patched

possibru ^^

People have renamed themselves ESCO abusing the name change system. Its fine the other day a dev teleported to esco and came on teamspeak and had a chat its being delt with just ignore it because its not esco. The guys that are doing it are. “Magicrecoon” “Tmac” “Zi-Robby” “Heisenberg” and all them guys :slight_smile:

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Magicrecoons guys are using duped wood supplies and C4 to raid people hope the bug gets fixed soon with a full map and invent wipe <3

dupe fixed soon <3 <3 <3
invent wipe :S ( why not full wipe )
full map <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

What I don’t get is why the Devs would investigate something they implemented. So these people are trying to make Esco look bad? Isn’t that the whole purpose the name changing was added? To infiltrate , impersonate ect. I cant see anyone punished for name changing anymore than being punished for duping.

Alot of players are against the name changing mechanic, and I am one of them. I feel a player should be tied to a name so that they cannot just change it at the drop of a hat when they get a bad reputation. I have had people impersonate my fellow clan members as well , saying derogatory comments , disconnecting reconnecting, etc. I don’t like it, but I don’t go crying to the devs about it.

I played for the first time yesterday and found it really hard to get started being that I would get killed by 90% of the people I encountered, and about 50% of those people pretending to be friendly. This game is such a great concept, I just hope it doesn’t turn out like WarZ and end up being a complete trollfest. Something needs to be done to discourage such rampant douchbaggerie

What is Esco?

stop whining. jesus. gas thread.

Feedback != Whining

This isn’t feedback. This is whining.

Actually, no, this isn’t even whining, this is just people treating the forum like some kind of a blog for their every thought and whim.