Duper Caught!

So me and some friends saw this house of these people that just moved in very recently, we saw all of them leave to go on a run or something. It only takes to charges to get to there loot room, very stupid of them, they had around 90 wood foundations and ammo and everything just mass amounts of everything, they just built that house around a hour before the raid. I do not have the screen shot of the foundations but a friend will be posting in the comments soon. We can only confirm 1 name of the 3 man group. the name is #TwerkinMiley. Maybe someone do something about these kids breaking the game. Also before the raid we heard around 30+ charges going off, why didnt our house get wrecked? That I dont know.

They could have brought the loot from another base?

Here is some of the loot we found:

Sweet mother of Odin,Imagine the fortress being built

Odin can’t save you when your shit is taken.

I think its legit. Dupers usually have exact amounts of 250, 5, ect.

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Dear god no

Sorry, I guess it was 250 foundations, the kid will probably change his name. But I hope they move away from me.


Please calm down on the caps, we can clearly see your post.

Also I usually carry that much cloth on me, because bears and wolves have a tendency to always want to hump my face after they have beaten me up a bit.

Do u know where they live ?

yes I do.

That isn’t evidence of them duping, and public shaming about this is pretty pathetic. They won’t do anything about this, and they are working on fixing it, that’s it. Once they fix it, they will wipe, so it will be as if nothing had ever happened. Be happy that this many people are duping, or else the issue would have never came up.

Oh, marking my post as dumb instead of replying, okay.

This kind of thing is plausible with a group of 3 people or more. Honestly, there’s nothing to do in Rust but raid and amass resources, both activities only getting you more resources. If they are duping, the items will be wiped once there is a fix made.

Sure you provide a screenshot of an inventory. But you don’t have the person that owns it in the screen shot. How can anyone take this seriously if you cant provide solid proof.

Same goes for name, since the name change is allowed, you cant trust anything posted about players. Have fun with that.

ive got about 40 stacks of wood planks… raiding kids and getting their loot… probably duped loot.

how do you know they duped it? are you sure they didnt kill someone who duped it and took it?
are you sure they didnt kill you and take your duped items?

proof = bad

Well the name they got did reconnect 8+ times over the course of 10 minutes.

All of the people marking your post have a low post count.

Makes me wonder what happened to fp invite system.

You’re acting like dupers should all be banned.

That’s ridiculous. Everyone duped on the EU servers, everyone. If you had been online during that time, you would have duped.

Don’t be such an idiot.

I say let them dupe more! Lets find all the bugs and squash em! Ofc we get rid of the duped items and the dupe itself, but this is testing phase. Lets abuse this mofo to clean it up!