Dupers need to be banned.

So basically, I’ve been working on this huge base with my buddies and such, we have like a full city going, took over 4 days to get there.
Our neighbors are known dupers. You can see them constantly DC and reconnect. Well today they decided to take their duped stuff and start making a road of platforms.
So we killed him (RicenChicken) and took his loot to find 200+ foundations 100+ pillars etc.
When we called them out on it they started accusing us saying we were the dupers.
As we speak they’re raiding our base by using an infinite amount of charges, stairs, and pillars.
I feel dupers should be banned, I don’t care if so many people are doing it. They can face the consequences.

Where the fuck are you people coming from?

the game is in alpha
the bugs and shit are there to be found
people find them…
they get reported…
noobs and kids learn how to use them and abuse them…

its the cycle of alpha…

The game. The point of an alpha is to find and fix bugs, not abuse them for fun.

The bug has been found and reported. Alot. Now fuck off.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - SteveUK))

That’s not nice. Please apologize to him.

“If you’re caught cheating your account will more than likely be banned - and you won’t be offered a refund. So whatever you do - don’t try to cheat.”

It says this right on the webpage when you buy the “Alpha”.

During alpha gameplay, I dont think anyone should be banned. This is the time when people should be trying to find all the bugs and glitches. But at the same time, I feel those found exploiting these bugs and glitches should have their account suspended until beta or game release. Then if found to be using exploits once the game has been fully released, permanent consequence.

Just my 2c

Oh boy you’re saying 40 pillars is a lot? You built 4 10+ story towers in a day.

We even killed one of your guys right before he logged off and had 500+ walls on him.

Also most the stuff we used to raid your houses was stuff we got from your bodies, except that infinite(10) number of charges we apparently had.

I don’t even think it was 10 charges…

Idk who you think you killed, but I play every night and only two of those towers will built in two days. The others were there for weeks. So stop trying to accuse me of bullshit.

psykhic should be banned

(this isn’t a democracy etc etc)

Don’t usually 95% of these “new” accounts get banned for not reading the sticky?

We’re in alpha. We’re not going to ban dupers - we’re going to fix the bugs so they can’t dupe.