Duping blueprints fragments/books etc.

Hello, today I saw on youtube this glitch.

First one works on official servers so please fix it.

You shouldnt really post the video like this. Report it silently so it wont go viral and people wont start abusing it…

This is a gamebreaker indeed.

Please fix this !!

Yep, this has been going on in seattle as well. Duping, bp glitch. The wipe is ruined again, and we’re only 3 days in lol.

Hopefully theyll force wipe all bps again and get rid of this duping nonsense.

I agree with junkstar

I came on here to ask if anyone has had bp frags drop. I haven’t seen any drop in 3 days now. Saw this post and was like wow. I guess they got your message and must of turned them off.

no they still drop in the barrels and sometimes garbage

We tried it, still work, that sucks … FIX IT PLEASE !

Some servers have not patched yet. It may be patched it may not be patched this go around.

Ive let my server provider know even know there is nothing they can do about it as they said so. And yes it works on my server, people have been using it. For now i set my server to PVE mode and will more than likely have to wipe it once this has been sorted. Nothing stopping people stockpiling stuff and digging it all out once its been sorted.

They just patched it. But sucks that after such a heavy duping problem there is no wipe… ppl that knew already have a shitload of c4 and rockets.

It looks like the research by 1 frag is fixed, but the bp->real item bug still exists

If you post it here, it gets fixed faster. Don’t be whining.

So has this been fixed or not, as the BP duppe can still be done easy enough on my server, the fragment upgrading seems to of been fixed tho? Do i need to wipe server for this to take effect? This has caused so much hassle, had to change my server around shit loads, but hey, its aplha right, we know what we are getting into.


Will there be a wipe?

If you look at the following https://twitter.com/playrust it states that there will be no wipe.

There ought to be a wipe.

Please force a wipe on all official servers soon, this is a mockery