Duping Glitch Abuser Evidence. http://i.imgur.com/RsimLsL.png

Please advise how to get this guy removed.

“<01:58:08> “insaneparrkeet”: fucking wanker”

“<01:49:59> “insaneparrkeet”: yes i made that video for helk to know an exact way of duping”

He is referring to this video, he created this: LINK REMOVED TO AVOID MORE DUPERS. Please request the video if you are in contact with a RUST ADMIN.

Image of him admitting it.




Lets post this for everyone to see. -.-

Surely there is a more private way to contact them.

Insane, you should put that video down tho. I am pretty sure the ones that found out about this dupe already made contact to Garry, Helk & Pat. Posting videos publicly is not gonna solve the problem.

Do you know how? I don’t wanna offend anyone.

Edit your post and take the link to the video off. They will either contact you or view the edit.

Dupers are going to get the bug fixed. If people weren’t exploiting it, it wouldn’t even be known and wouldn’t have been fixed.
Once it’s fixed, there will be a wipe and it’ll be normal again. Not sure why everyone is complaining so much - it’s an alpha.

There’s really no reason to ban dupers or anything - they are the ones who are going to get it fixed. Although raiding people hardcore with duped explosives is a bitch move in my opinion.

To be honest with you, duping and spreading the method is not a way of solving the problem.

The way to solve such a problem would be through a PM to either Garry, Pat or Helk.

At this point there is no way of actually knowing if they can fix this, because it seems to be the plugin loader thats actually the cause for it.

It might not be, or there might be a work around, but spreading the glitch, abusing it and posting the method publicly is only gonna make things worse.

He uses the dupe to exploit the benefits.

He then shares this method to make the servers so unbalanced that data retrieved from them will be distorted. It’s not going to get the bug fixed, genuine efforts to communicate reliable information will.

Yes, but it’s way too late to take anything back. It’s likely someone else would have found the method anyway and posted it publicly. They can fix it though - they’ve fixed duping bugs in the past.

The main point I’m making is creating these types of threads isn’t going to do much but make drama.

You threatened to get me banned for duping, in exchange for all of my items. I didn’t care, because duping isn’t a bannable offense. I don’t dupe, infact I was just trolling. Have I duped? Yes. I barely even play at the moment because I’m waiting for the next update for the fix on duping, and I see no point in playing/duping at the moment. I was messing around with Esco at that point, which doesn’t even matter, because this is going nowhere. I don’t know why you’re trying to publicly shame me on something that is hardly a problem. Duping will be fixed soon, according to Helk, and a wipe will happen when that occurs, so why does it matter if people dupe at this point in time?

How to dupe:

Cleaned up my post because it looked bad.

Such a crime rider Insane :wink:

wkreport i caught u duping 2

[sp]Joking, just be wary that people can log in with someone else’s username.[/sp]

Records will show that you changed your name.


I was framed too.

So you have access to these records and confirmed it was InsaneParrot?

I’m not even going to entertain this conversation.

This isn’t a personal attack whoever you are.

It seems like a personal attack. Especially since you threatened to do this unless I gave you all of my stuff.

<01:42:56> “insaneparrkeet”: yay
<01:42:59> “insaneparrkeet”: is that a threat
<01:43:02> “insaneparrkeet”: do you think i care
<01:43:14> “insaneparrkeet”: uh
<01:43:28> “insaneparrkeet”: you’re going to report me for duping
<01:43:36> “insaneparrkeet”: uh
<01:43:51> “insaneparrkeet”: http://i.imgur.com/Pu7VcaA.png
<01:43:53> “insaneparrkeet”: woops
<01:44:07> “insaneparrkeet”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TSwF5goSSQ
<01:44:13> “insaneparrkeet”: here is me duping
<01:44:26> “insaneparrkeet”: another video of duping
<01:44:27> “insaneparrkeet”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Du-yWUflw
<01:44:32> “insaneparrkeet”: woah im so scared of being banned for duping
<01:44:56> “insaneparrkeet”: fucking report me
<01:44:57> “insaneparrkeet”: please
<01:45:00> “insaneparrkeet”: get me banned
<01:45:08> “insaneparrkeet”: duping doesn’t get you banned
<01:45:28> “insaneparrkeet”: nope
<01:45:30> “insaneparrkeet”: ask helk
<01:45:36> “insaneparrkeet”: all he did was blow up their shit and say “you’re banned”
<01:46:18> “insaneparrkeet”: fuck you report me for duping

Dude there are server side files that can be used to prove you wrong.

I am not interested in wasting my time have a keyboard war with a Parrot.


I don’t know who insaneparrkeet is, but whatever. You’d think if you were going to frame me with false evidence you’d at least get my name right.

Duping may not get you banned, but lying just might.

Please continue,