Duping is getting out of hand.

No words for stuff like this:


note: due to a render bug it only showed the doors but its actually a giant tower…

This is from the duping days, but the duping is fixed. The people who made this had things from when the duping happened.

its just not fun to have a good firefight just to have 1 guy in full kevlar run up to your house and completely surround it with foundations+ walls etc while popping endless ammounts of large health kits…

dunno i like the game alot but stuff like this just grinds my gears… hard…

Duping is patched but it looks like somebody needs to reset the server that pile of garbage is probabally causing alot of lag

the server got wiped 2 days ago

If you want to tell us how they’re duping we’ll fix it. In the mean-time if you don’t have anything useful then please stop making threads about it.

as Ottr stated earlier Garry, The duping is supposedly fixed its the people that still have stacks upon stacks of duped building materials/weapons/ammo etc that just break it

Ill list a few ways…
Lag - when lag happens and you move items you sometimes dupe them i moved a flare and it duped during laggy times…

Cheat engine = ?
They all seem to run with kevlar and m4 and have houses like this so somehow it is possible… i will try to dupe and find out how it is done and report it back to you.

you should report stuff like that on the bug report form https://github.com/Facepunch/rust-issues/issues

I’ve got my 3 c4 charges duped last night when server was reseted due to render bug. It seems like i was puting them inside of my backack from large crate seconds or minutes before server went off.