Duping is still a problem

So I got killed by a guy running super fast and saw his name. He mentioned something about a stream so i found him here http://www.twitch.tv/buhhbye
He’s got thousands of c4 and boxes of everything. he duped while on stream but I can’t record him. This is ridiculous he’s going around to new player’s houses just to grief them.

On a lighter note, I’m loving the game so far and facepunch couldn’t have done a better job to this point. Keep up the good work guys.

he didn’t dupe on stream dipshit. but he did admit to duping to build his house.

Wow man name calling? This community isn’t that bad I’m sure. You should probably stick to call of duty if you’re going to have a potty mouth.

You got killed by a guy and raged then made a thread trying to call him out for duping. i wish you weren’t a part of the community.

If you find a method to dupe stuff then please tell us, otherwise please don’t post this stuff.