Duping needs to be fixed so badly....

So atleast 50 c4 was used on our bases last night lol… duping still ruins the game as of now.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/missed the hackers repot thread or the many other threads about this" - postal))

Complaining about it wont help. Talk to Helk and tellhim it is still happening and he will investigate.

Are you sure this wasn’t admins just spawning stuff for people to have fun before the Steam release? Plenty of servers are doing a full wipe today to give everyone a fair start for all the new comers. Plus you complain a lot.

I complain a lot? this is my first post about anything lol… it was on bmrf 2 I’m sure they wouldn’t be doing that.

Can’t really prove there is a dupe if it is on a private server, odds are the admins are just being douches.

Me and some buddies played on brmf2 for about a week and if we had kept playing, we could have had 50+ legit.

It wasn’t admins, there’s a new type of dupe.

If you are certain of this, make sure you let the devs know so they can investigate.

dang bchillz.

whats up man remember me?

Honestly, out of all the servers I’ve played on the BMRF servers have been the worst in regards to people exploiting and hacking, even on their whitelisted server. If somehow there isn’t admin abuse occurring and its really just caused by a concentrated amount of dupers and exploiters I’d be super surprised. Even the way they go about banning people is ridiculous. “Oh you were caught raiding someone’s base and now they complain about you in chat and start a flame war?” “Guess we’re going to have to ban you buddy, and these two random guys who just happen to be standing next to you at the moment.” “Oh you got caught killing our friend on video?” “Banned.”

For those that are going to chime in and say I’m butt hurt, not really. I’ve never been banned from any server. I’m just especially tired of that particular private servers antics. Sadly it seems to always be the most populated one…

I’ll give anyone a copy of rust if they can show me how to dupe on the official servers

LOL there isn’t a dupe bro, I can promise you… I know who raided you, they just had a lot of stockpile of gunpowder, they used over 100 nades and 20 c4 or so.

The private server admins in rust are just like the kids in Warz that said they didn’t hack. Of course they are abusing but its their server so get over it.

There are legit reasons that admins wouldn’t want to ‘abuse’. I ran a server for a few weeks and spawning in a car right when the server came up, and never spawned in another item. There ought to be some kind of server message when using some of the commands so that players know the admins aren’t spawning items in.

It does get old however that people claim that all admins are abusing, because they aren’t. Many know full well it could ruin the server, and admin’ing a server with 0 players is a bit pointless and a waste of money.