Duping Needs to Be Fixed Soon!

Just 1/2 an hour ago, I logged into the server “Rusty Rust Rust”, and noticed that there were various new, large buildings built around the rad-town, then in the next valley over I saw a HUGE metal base (no doubt dupers). While online me and a friend raided a small house and managed to kill it’s occupants multiple times. From this we looted roughly 9 sets of full kevlar, 7 M4’s and 148 metal doorways! These were obviously duped into the game and I know that it is not only this server being affected. All servers need to be wiped ASAP and the duping fixed.

(User was banned for this post ("search before you post" - postal))

I was just on http://no.twitch.tv/trollingmyjob and he opened a big chest FILLED with c4 5 on each stack, there is another dupe out, not sure how to do it but there is another dupe out for sure.

Ye I know, it needs to be found and fixed ASAP along with a server wipe.

The dupe can be fixed server side by using the command in the server.cfg file
server.clienttimeout “10”
The number can vary to your liking, but I know if you use a number lower then 3 it won’t allow players to connect, but I can be sure that 10 works and prevents duping.

Hmm ok, sounds interesting. However, the servers will still require a wipe to get rid of the already duped gear and server admins will need to learn of this method to prevent duping prior to the wipe.

Yeah i really think it need to be fixed
we raided a house yesterday on a japan server
and the amount off building material was insane
over 100 metal walls,doorways,foundations etc etc
over 200 wooden built materials like 200 foundations etc etc

this shit gets annoying