Duping or Not? Photo Included

In the space of about 10-12 hours three people apparently built this on UK 1.


I think it may have even been erected (!) in the last 2-3 hours and there are about 200 metal foundations.

How do you know they haven’t been saving up for it for a while?

dupe? maybe but not likely… i have made that even bigger just farming nonstop. and 10-12 hours for 3 people is likely farmable.

Spots i farm at near no home/road. i net 150-200 Metal ore every day/100-150 Every night cycle add that with 3 people.

prolly an admin

UK 1 - it was official.

all I know is with my 3x1 it was taking forever… to get the mats for just 1 additional lvl… with that amount of metal thats well over 20-30k metal frags hands down way way way over

It’s about 200 foundations, well over 50 doors, over 200 ceilings and god knows how many walls and pillars.

I just checked it again and it’s got considerably bigger.

My verdict is duping as the construction time alone seems improbable.

I’m skeptical, construction doesn’t take very long if you already have all the parts made. Especially with a couple people that are speaking with one another.

Depends how long the server has been up and how long they have played.

Sorry, I meant crafting. Constructing is quick… Imagine putting a pillar in the wrong space on that though!

Also here is a new picture from the other side. Growing rather quickly…


Crafting does take quite a while, but again with multiple players crafting and if they planned ahead of time I feel that it’s not unreasonable that this could be done.
I tend to play the devil’s advocate when it comes to hackers and such. Obviously it’s a problem but I think people are much too quick to assume that someone is hacking just because they build fast/have kevlar quickly/raided effectively.

There were only 3 of them and it appeared one of them just stood on top shooting at people with a bolt action - never saw the other two.

There is a new hack that ArtificalAiming are about to release that includes duping. Facepunch should buy it so they can stop it!

Dupe hack

If the above video is legit, that would explain how a number of bases on our server have been raided with ~40-80 C4 each in the past few days.

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Sorry for the double post.

I can confirm that there is a dupe hack going around. We banned 3 guys from our server yesterday suspecting of hacking. I’ve just copied over two of the guys avatar.bin (where each individual players data is saved) and they have stacks of ammo / materials / everything.

Looks like we’re going to be forced to do a server-wipe one this is fixed.

Bro please…

All metal. I was REALLY far away, the ‘foundation’ was a base about 3x as big as your base. UK2.

Yeah I couldn’t keep my cool. I was scared of walking next to it with my newfound bolt action :3

Because your base will get raided by a hacker or raided legit for sure while you’re sitting on that much stuff and it will get stolen. You don’t horde stuff for fear of losing it.

Try this on UK4. And the area around is full of random placed iron foundations.


Lol how cute, you think that server has a duping problem… See those chests? They had EVERY SINGLE item in the game FULL STACKS… about 100 FULL STACKS of EACH item in game.

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made with over 3,000 metal house items

Raided a base last night that had 1,750 metal walls in it. That’s right - not frags, not LQM, but walls. 7 stacks of them.

They also had crates of C4 (no explosives to be found, however), crates of guns, crates of ammo. The server has been up for 3 days, and is not instant crafting. It would take just over 10 hours of crafting alone for the walls, let alone everything else.

This dupe needs to be fixed. There are people who dupe C4 and go around blowing every wall in the entire server.