Duplicate Maps

Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I think it would be handy if you could duplicate a map - i.e. keep the master copy at home.

Absolutly Need this too be implemented… maybe 10 paper and 500 caracoll too make a copy of it on Research table…

I’d love to see whiteboard-style setups where you can place the map like a sign and present strats to your group, having it update live as you draw for ease of communication

oh thats a good idea! have a “master” white board map at your base, and then assign “slave” maps to it. The slaves update the master

You’d have to bring the slaves back to the master to update though, at least until we get something like semaphore

Ym solo player , buth painted it myself on a sign in my house :wink:

Map does not seem to work for me… I saw only blue for all I explore. My friend as a map to that does look to work for him, I gave it to me but again I saw only blue for the region he explore?