Duplicate models in spawnlist.

I made a simple spawnlist for the Left 4 Dead survivor models on the download site, but it has 2 models which are the same on the list.

If this is too confusing, have a nice picture of what i mean:


Why are there 2 of each model? And why is the second model called skin 2?

My best bet is because each of these models comes with a second skin. :wink:

But i click the second skin, and its exactly the same.

Then it’s probably the model’s fault. If you want to be sure use the model viewer to see how many skins the models have.

Vomited, non-vomited I guess.

See that set of green arrows that look like recycling arrows? (right hand side below the folder list) click that and be patient.

I had this problem once, that was suggested to me as well. If that doesn’t fix it, I’m not sure what will. It could be a spawn icon issue in your folders.

Ah ok. Ill try that.


Doesnt work, at least the arrow thing doesnt.

Left click and remove and then save?

You can edit the spawn list by right clicking one of the models and deleting it.

Ah i see. Well im going out now so ill have to try it later.

Good Luck :wink:

By the way, anyone want to use this?