duplicating steam inventory

So…maybe I missed something here but, I now have an abundant wardrobe of camo wood jackets in my steam inventory.
Is this all the offerings are at the moment? Because I do not need 20 of the same jacket.

I have 3 blue jeans myself. I guess we can’t trade them, unless we are steam friends? Would rather trade this stuff than buy and sell

Seems the rewards are limited…ive only ever gotten hunting jackets…never anything else…and for some reason even in servers with all bp…i cannot even craft my new clothing anyways…just click craft and nothing happens…yes i have the materials…anybody know why?

I got 3 yellow shirts, blue jeans and a snow camo jacket.

i have a few rust clothing , if you guys want to trade add me on steam [rm8] kaveman

It might be a glitch, but it could also just be luck of the draw. Considering there’s only a few different clothes variants and they’re pretty common you could just be getting weird drops purely by chance, personally I’ve gotten a yellow shirt, blue jeans, and a green jacket.

4 yellow shirts and one hunting jacket… :stuck_out_tongue: and the yellow shirt makes my belly look fat

How many exactly did you get?

Stop using the duplicate hack then.

i got 17 of the Vagabond Jacket sold 15 of them and made like 10€ :DD
got all skins right now :smiley: thanks Garry.

All of a sudden all my steam bps are gone for no reason? Easy come easy go I guess