Duplicating train.

I need help duplicating the blue train from the rp_subtransit map when i try to duplicate with the advdup2 addon or the default duplicator i just get a message pop up saying ‘something is creating script errors’ and then it wont dupe. please help.

That train is part of the map, it cannot be duped.

That looks like a brush to me. Even if it was a static prop you wouldn’t be able to duplicate it.

Is there any way to move it from one map to another


You should contact the author of the map and ask if they could make it into a model.

Or decompile it and use propper?
There’s rarely, if ever, a way to contact the creator(s) of a map

And most of the time, the author has quit mapping, or lost the file.

I’m actually still here, still have the map, but I haven’t opened up hammer for ages.

You can decompile the map and copy paste it into your map.

I don’t think I will be setting up hammer to recompile stuff anytime soon, but if you really want the ugly brush train, I can send you over the prefabs I made for the map (which include the entire train and other things). You can turn the prefabs into models yourself.

Hammer doesn’t recompile stuff, use Bsp src

By recompile I mean taking the original VMF, cutting the train from it and compiling it with propper.