Duplicating with naming

It’s hard to make a thread title for this problem since it’s quite unique. Basically, is there a way to name objects so that when you duplicate them, Hammer detects the way you named the object and renames it accordingly. Such as, I have a light and it’s called light_1 and I duplicate it and now I have a light called light_2. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

Not that I know of…

Although the keyframe_rope and keyframe_track works fine at doing that

So does path_track… there are probably a bunch of them, you’ll just have to mess with it for a while.

Well I’m pretty sure what your saying is; in hammer you copy something then paste it and it does name fixup? if so then just use “paste special” and i think there’s a flag near the bottom that says “unique entity names” or something like that, check it and select the amount you want to paste, then move em around the map. For things meant to do this like keyframe_ropes and such, just use shift + drag.

Oh yeah I forgot about the paste special. I don’t like my pastes being special, they need to be like everyone else! :v:

:lol:, i thought it was some super advanced “omgifyouusethisyourmapmightexplode” type of tool, but i found it to be really useful. I have a retard pasted lighting section :v: (special for you people who don’t get it)

Hey guys, thanks for the replies, but I found a way to do it. I saved my grouped entities as a prefab and I opened up the vmf file in a text editor and changed the names of the entities to “test_&i” when you import the prefab it names it as “test_1” and the next one you import it names it “test_2” the &i is the syntax for doing so. I’ll try out what was suggested in this thread to see if it is any better. Thanks everyone!

Pfff, paste special would have worked perfectly fine :stuck_out_tongue: