Duplicating with parented props


This is an addon-related query, relating to the addons - [Official] Precision Tool, Multi-Parent/Unparent tool & Smart Weld v3.5 Official tool. I’m also using the Advanced Duplicator and SmartSnap.

I’ve built a high-detail aeroplane in gmod13. At my last ‘good’ save, nothing is welded - everything has been precision moved and frozen.

First, I tried simply smart-welding everything. This worked. Trying to duplicate (standard duplicator) the result gave me ‘Something is creating script’ errors and a bad duplication. Adv duplicator also gave errors. I think this is due to the complexity of the plane or (required) overlapping props. As I want to share this plane at some point, I need to be able to duplicate it. I tried all kinds of different weld configurations (sometimes smart welding props, sometimes just normal welding) but to no success.

So, then I built a much simpler ‘collision box’ for the plane out of 5 large props (smart-welded together). I set the collision box to total no-collide so that I could easily position the collision box inside the plane model without colliding stuff. So now I have the collision box positioned/frozen correctly ‘inside’ the plane model, I use the Multi-parent tool to parent all the props of the plane model to one of the props of the collision box.

(The Multi Parent tool settings I use are 'Remove constraints before parenting, Disable Collisions, Set Weight and Remove Shadows). The ‘Remove constraints before parenting’ option is checked so that my previous total no-collide on the collision box is undone - I obviously want that to collide heh.

This works, I can unfreeze the plane and its lag-free, stuff collides with the collision box only, perfect. Until I try to duplicate it. With the duplicator selected, I right click the plane ‘collision box’ (which I have not yet made invisible) to copy the plane. When I left-click to spawn a duplication, the collision box ‘falls out’ of the plane model. They are not connected. If I grab the duplicated collision box and move it, it stays together. If I grab the duplicated plane model, the prop I grab comes away from the rest.

If I use the Advanced Duplicator, everything does duplicate correctly. The plane is completely fine then. But this method again prevents me from sharing the plane. Other people would require the Advanced Duplicator tool in order to duplicate the plane properly.

Is there a way to normally duplicate stuff with parented props? Or am I doing the whole parenting thing wrong? I cant find anything online that suggests Adv Duplicator is required by Multi-Parent.