Durability and doors

Now that we have a durability system…I think hitting wood doors should damage hatchets greatly. Ever tried breaking down a good solid wood door with a flimsy hatchet? It should take alot of hatchets to fully cut down a door. Discouraging people with just a stone hatchet from raiding.

well if you have a bunch of items stored in a house with a wooden door then you are doing it wrong

right now the hatchet breaks before the wooden door does

right now it takes several stone hatchets to break a wooden door. way too many. like 3+. you already have the situation you are asking for.

I want more, like 10+

just make a metal door, it’s only 200 metal fragments, you can get that easy

Why? Build a metal door, wood doors should be easy to break down because they are wooden doors.

I think 3+ is plenty, considering wooden doors look like I could easily just kick the whole thing in without bothering to hatchet it.

the wood doors in rust look good and solid to you?

Forget the door, you could tear down the whole shack with bare hands :smiley:

Wooden buildings look solid enough, would need the hatchet to break in through the walls but rusty corrugated metal haphazardly wedged and nailed to a frame isn’t going to stop much.

Takes 3 hatchets atm, is that not enough? Like hell its a wooden door, your first priority should be getting a metal one up ASAP

No kidding. lol

I don’t think there is any building currently in the game that you couldn’t tear into with a wonder bar within a couple minutes.