Durability and weight will make it less fun

When durability and weight go into the game will there be a server option to disable them?

I’d rather neither were added as they generally make games less fun - who wants to have to take 4 hatchets out with them so that they dont have to constantly make new ones? It was one of the worst parts of minecraft! :slight_smile:

The main concern is weight limits tho, both in terms of farming items and building because it simply isnt fun to have to return to base after 10 mins of loot runs because of not being able to carry more while half of your inven is empty - or worse still only being able to carry a small number of wood planks/building objects around.

Is it less realistic, yeah, but its certainly better than having to run between bases on opposite sides of the map 5 times because you want to transport 100 wood planks between bases.

I think durability is fun, but yeah… weight just seems kinda extreme, i already find it hard enough to carry what i need when i raid :stuck_out_tongue: but then again it would make me more selective on what i pick up.

When you eat, you poop. What comes in must go out, what goes up must come down. These hold true for resources as well. If resources come in infinitely yet have no way of leaving the game, the playerbase gets constipated with guns and that’s no bueno my friend.

Most games have limits on how much you can carry. There should be leveling to allow you to carry more. Maybe even pack animals to tame and take with you.

Like Garry said, this will never happen.

I like size limits like Resident evil.