Durability of items and ability to repair

I think the durability of items should go up a bit and the max shouldnt drop so much after 1 repair…since we are try to be more realistic a m4 can shoot much in real life before it gets spoiled. Just my thoughts, thanks

Soooo many threads about this already.

Find a server with durability turned off or turned down.

Also I don’t think anyone ever said realism was the goal. It’s not realistic to get killed and then respawn, or to build a house in less than a day, or to outrun a bear, or to spawn naked on an island with a rock.

I’m sure durability will be changed; it was just added, so finding the right values for a reasonably fair durability system will take time.

Plus, the faster it goes down, the faster you have to repair, and the faster we’re likely to find bugs in the repairing system.

Realism is a goal:smile:


Pictured: Realism.

Source: Official Facepunch Studios blog.

I really want this in game.
Those chickens are already scary if they cry while you sneak in the night.

But with that, they would be so feared by people.

Man, u just dig too deep - nobody says any game = 100% realism, but rust tries to achieve more
realism, should i say u about farming, sleepers, idk lots of other realistic things u wont meet in other
games? The foundation of every surviving game is realism, so it is… a goal)))
But, maybe u know another goal, i m really interested?
And if about chickens - cant mutated animals exist?

Sleepers: because it’s so realistic to fall unconscious for hours or days at a time and just drop down wherever you stand.

The foundation of any survival game is not realism. I don’t know where you’re getting your facts from, elix already posted the best evidence against realism.