Durabilty RCON command

Does anyone know the command to adjust weapon/tool durability in one’s server?
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I did list * on my server and I saw this

conditionloss.damagemultiplier : Multiply the amount of condition loss when it happens
conditionloss.armorhealthmult : Incoming damage is multiplied by this and applied as condition loss to armor i.e. 100 dmg * 0.333 = 33% condition loss

I made a full list of possible server configs here if you need it http://pastebin.com/RSj9wrnV

Thank you austin…you da man!

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Durability Off

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Try it there:

so what would you put for turning durability off?

If you changed the multipliers to 0, you should be multiplying by zero. In which case, durability would be effectively “off” for certain things. Theory.

Right, just change conditionloss.damagemultiplier to 0 leave conditionloss.armorhealthmult at 0.25

2 hrs. now…no complaints about decay

what is structure.touchall?

I entered all durability settings to 0.25 for testing, I like the durability feature, it is just a little too harsh out of the box.

Does anyone know what the default setting is and what a more reasonable setting would be ?

it looks to me from my testing that default may be “1”

Since with .25 my hatchet is down to 93% after harvesting 4 - 5 animals.

I think (could be wrong) that structure.touchall just “touches” every object in the world, resetting it’s decay timer back to 0.

NOTE: not undoing decay that has already started, just resetting the timer before it happens again.

I’m probably wrong lol

I was wondering if it was a spacer setting between structures. Like how metal can’t be built next to a wood base.

What is the standard number of commands ?, The default values ?:

conditionloss.damagemultiplier: ?
conditionloss.armorhealthmult: ?

conditionloss.damagemultiplier: 1
conditionloss.armorhealthmult: 0.25