DurgzMod Injector fix


This SWEP could be a great addon to the Drug Dealer in RP and maybe Medic aswell. Unfortunatly it’s bugged and doesn’t look like the original creater is going to do anything about.

Therefor i request a fix to the lace function or a complete removal of the function (if it’s too hard/impossible to fix).


I investigated the problem as much as i could with my none existing LUA experience.

It doesn’t disconnect the player every time you try and lace something. Seems that when you do everything slowly :S it works more often than when you quickly spawn and then lace in the same second.

It gives the following error in console:

Host_Error: CL_CopyExistingEntity: missing client entity 158.

It’s of course the entity of the drug you were trying to lace ID. I tried removing the line of code that removes the entity when you laced it and when i did that it seemed that it no longer disconnected me.
Only problem with this was that every time you laced a drug you would duplicate it.

Hope some of you experienced LUA coders will take a look at this.