Dusk and dawn, playing my guitar.


All in-game editing

[sp]if your wondering, he’s flicking a smoke to his left[/sp]

C&C is welcome

I Love it keep it up!

Why would he have a guitar in a warzone i’d drop it and haul ass.


Hmmm, 8people looking at this thread and none of them post.

I see a trend in these threads

posing is solid and i really like the theme but the background isn’t so good. too bloomy and it’s possibly the single most uninteresting street corner in the entirety of city 17.

Thank you.

I absolutely love the intro to this version of Ghost Riders.
Looks pretty damn good.

Though I was expecting While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

I agree, this is the best cover of this song hands down thats why I picked it