Really happy with the way the sniper’s posing came out, but the rest is utter shit. Editing didn’t help.

I quite like it, although the shine from the scope lens is a bit distracting.

why would somebody give away their spot like that :psyduck:

Because he doesn’t know exactly where the German sniper is, so his spotter is pretending to lift his head up in the hopes that the German will shoot and give his position away. It was pretty common practice during both World Wars to raise up a helmet on a stick for that purpose.

The glare on the scope is awful. Other than that - I don’t know, really. The colors are putting me off - it’s so brown. You said it yourself - the real world isn’t brown.

The map is a bit that way to begin with, but I messed with colour balance to try get a dusk look to it. Looks like I too too many of the other colours out in favour of orange.

A little bit of my realistic side talking here, but I don’t think the scope would reflect the light like that. The way I see it, the sunlight is coming from a parallel to the building on the left, which would mean the scope is in the shadow of the sniper.

Other than that, looks pretty good, though.

“Comrades, you have no chance!”

Reminds me of Call of Duty 2 :slight_smile:

Which got it from Enemy at the Gates and that intern got it from the real stories of Russian snipers, this was a great way to sniff out enemy snipers. Although I will say the spotter has raised that helmet a bit too high for my taste, wouldn’t the German sniper spot the pipe? Other then that, love it!

The color scheme is way too hot/flat in my opinion. It lacks a bit of details and that glare is out of place. It’s not bad but I’m afraid the editing partially ruins it… :confused:

Oh man… Sometimes it’s like Call of Duty invented WW2/war…

Eh I don’t like the vignetting or the helmet glare, but you’re right the posing on the sniping fellow is pretty snipey.

i love this especially the russians posing

I heard they used cats too, Seriously.

Why the fuck would they use cats? I know I wouldn’t fire at it, as there’s no reason I should be firing at a cat.

Talk about animal cruelty.

I love your shading.
But the guy who is holding up the helmet is holding it up too high.
They usually just held it up so the visor was just out of view.
also girl sniper model?:DDD

WW2 was one of the first wars where women served as snipers. (especially with the Russians)

(Note, I just heard this somewhere, I am not sure if it is true)

I know that, but I want them.

I’m sorry but it appeared like you were asking why they were there.