Dustbowl Rainy (CP)

I’ve worked on this for the past couple of days, and i thought it looked good so i released it, all should work, the particles and soundscapes (Thanks to Bubbadaboo for his custom particles)

I’m trying to see if i can get a server with this on.
When i do ill edit the post with an IP and the server will run likely all of today.

nice, I’ll try it out

Will try, I like weather.

It looks great.
The dark sky looks beyond awesome with the capture point sign contrasting.

You should make it alpine…imagine an Alpine Dustbown with that rain effect, and water coming out of the sewers in the 3rd part of the map o.O

You need to add specularity to the ground textures. Make things look wet.

I thought the (CP) in the title stands for Child Porn :v:

You dirty bastard.

So it removes all color that the normal version of dustbowl has? No thanks

Doesnt rain in gmod :confused: