Dustry is ready to shooting someone.

Hey Dusty. Who is your target??

It just practice, dude haha

doesnt really look like hes trying to shoot someone, more like reloading his weapon.

Looks good, although his face looks to young for that beard.

Blue glasses confuses only me?
Everything else is good.

look like that? was i made, i think that just grab magazine of shooting pose

like this pic.

Yes, but he is holding it wrong.
He is not reaching the magazine to the end in effort to reduce the recoil easier.

yeah, i know that. i m looking

Indeed you do and i say good.

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very good.

Thanks dude!

The quality blew mai maind. Really cool.

The shading and the color tones are really awesome.

I understand that it’s based off that but the dude in the pic is a real soldier and real soldiers don’t hold guns like that.

Yes they do, that way you will now when you are running out of ammo.

You can hold your gun like that.

I think it’s better personally for when I go on ak47 rampages during the night.

Yeah they do, sometimes the barrel gets REALLY FUCKING HOT so they just hold the clip.

Yeah, they do. The pose is still faulty because he’s holding too far down the magazine. If you look closely in that reference picture you can pretty obviously see his hand is at the top (one of his fingers is even on the lower handguard, like it should be if you’re holding it like dat), and in the picture this is not the case. Thus, it is faulty.

At least I think this is the case. I know little about guns, so go ahead and prove me wrong if you think otherwise.

Sorry, I was unaware of this. I thought it wasn’t proper to hold a gun from the magazine. From what I understand (and yes, I admit I have no military experience whatsoever) holding the barrel is good for reducing recoil.

yo dustry you ready to shooting at someone?

Those sunglasses.

But no soldier holds the barrel of there gun, thus why the mighty military machine created foregrips, to stop that pesky hot barrel. Great pic by the way OP.