Duststorm in City

Now this is awesome.

Suggestions would be appreciated. (especially in posing)

It’s too far away to actually critique the posing, they are running a little bid odd. The one in the middle looks like its collapsing.

The smoke looks like you spammed a gcombat bomb or something. Try doing it in photoshop instead.

The helicopter could have a cool effect like it’s rear rotor is crashing into the building.

I kind of wanted an effect there where it’d look as if there was a lot of vibration going on, maybe causing some people to trip. I guess I should expand on that a bit more.

Damn, either you people should stop using gm_bigcity, or try to fill the empty streets ! It just look… empty, blank, not interesting actually.

No it’s not.

It was sarcasm; this is my first time putting up something like this. I made it in some 15 minutes. Not really something I take all too seriously.