Dusty Bases [Unnamed] Map - WIP

An unnamed map that I am working on… If I find a name for it I will update.

This map will probably be mainly for posing/machinimas, or just for NPC fun (if I get npc navigation)
This was sorta inspired by MW2.

New Pictures:

(Added better environment light, more dust)

NOTE: I will add/revise the pictures when I add more

Known Problems:

  • Skybox Texture does not fit fog (dust)
  • Some dust particles look too solid
  • Other/Unknown


  • Possibly bigger desert area
  • Interior work
  • Smaller (rebel-like) base
  • NPC navigation
  • Lighting
  • Detail work

-CG Textures (For sand ground and wall)

  • Me for mapping

If you want to suggest something or anything for the map, tell me, right now its about 20% done, and will be released as at least a beta version whenever I fell it is some-what playable.

Its pretty blocky. Thats something thats not already in the list.

Hm, looks good for a 1st start on a map, but I personally think you should go ahead and change the lighting, including the environmental, to something more… yellow or orange-ish maybe?

Yes, I am still working on the details, so far I just have the skeleton.

I’ll see what I can do.

The displacements are also a bit spiky. Smooth them out a bit more.

Added a start to a rebel underground bunker:

Not finished with the underground of course.

And here’s the desert that divides the bases:

Half-Life 2 is pretty blocky.

not this blocky, nobody said the building had to be a rectangle.
Try to jazz up the architecture a little, make the buildings a little nicer, it doesn’t have the look like a rectangle.

I see your point, If the building was more interesting, if it had more structure. You cant avoid blocky in source; Its based on *primitive *technology.

I like the dust clouds.,

Firstly: Half-Life 2 wasn’t blocky.
Secondly: Even if it was, that would be absolutely no excuse.

Half-Life 2 was blocky. in some parts.

The blockyness is being resolved, so far just the rebel bunker entrance was smoothed out.

Stick some large pit-like depressions in the ground that antlions come out of if you get near them.
Oh, and maybe caverns. And a radio tower.



The displacements look good.

Prisons are blocky

I think we need a new word to replace blocky, since everybody seems to be getting confused.

Blocky is fine, real life is pretty blocky. The problem is a lack of detail that keeps it from looking like the ugly kind of blocky. Even the blockiest buildings in real life will have gutters and pipes and roof trim.

This, for the most part, is true.

How about, plain.